Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm So Excited

Happy Friday my dears! How was your week? I am SOO thrilled the weekend is finally here because I'm flying out to Boston tomorrow to go to the NBA Playoffs!! It's the Celtics vs Heat baby! And we have third row seats!! So yes, if you didn't know, I'm a gigantic basketball fan. And who am I rooting for? The Heat, of course, because that's the team my boyfriend LBJ plays on! He's so adorable. I could just eat him!!

And if you live in the Boston area, do you have any places you recommend we visit or must see spots? This is my first time to the area and would love some tourist tips!!


PoetessWug said...

WOW!! How great!!! I live in the vicinity. My 2 favorite places in Boston are the Boston Aquarium and the Museum Of Science (much cooler than it's name sounds!). But you, being a basketball fan, could stop in Springfield Mass. and visit the Basketball Hall of Fame too!...Wherever you go, have a good time. And GO Celtics!!!! {What did you expect?! LOL Wish I had tickets!!!}

Daisy said...

Have a blast! Oh man I wish I could be at the game.

Mo Pie, Please said...


I used to like Lebron. Until he up and deserted his team and devestated his followers. And I hate that he always complains if a foul is called on him. I wish he played a little more like Derrick Rose - that guy is so humble! I teared up when I watched his speech for the MVP, he made his mother cry by telling her in front of everyone how much he loved her and was so thankful!

Anyway, taht's pretty awesome - have tons of fun!

Josie said...

Have an amazing time -- happy Friday!
Stop by Cheers for me :)
xo Josie

Scientific Housewife said...

I'd love to go to Boston but I would be rooting the Celtics :)

Jamie said...

Ok, SLIGHTLY biased since I am from Boston and a die hard Celtics fan...BUT make sure you hit Fanuel Hall, the North End and Rose Wharf. And eat in all three places!!
Newbury street is where all the chic (and expensive) shopping is and Landsdown St. (where Fenway is) has lots of bars. If you wanna have a NICE meal near the water and the weather is nice go to Marina Bay. Have a Dunkin Donuts ice coffee for me!! (SOOO miss them living in LA!!)

Jen said...

Mo Pie - I know many people aren't happy he left the Cavs but he fulfilled his 6 yr contract and decided to move on. It's with like any job, you move on in order to grow, get where you want to be, make more money, etc. You can't expect him to spend the rest of his career in one only place, can you?? Even Jordan didn't do that. But I do hear ya about Rose, he's a good guy.

amy b.s. said...

yes, but my boyfriend kg plays for the celtics, so i'll have to root for them. have a blast in boston though. i head out there for business in 2 weeks and can't wait!

Couture Carrie said...

Have a fabulous trip, darling!


caitlin said...

omg girl how jealous! can i live through you pah-lease haha! i'll be thinking of ya! ps i ADORE boston! i'll be there in november! xo

Lauryn said...

Wow, that sounds like so much fun! I'm not as big a basketball fan as you are, but I always love going to the games! Have fun watching your man :)

this free bird said...

Ooooohhhh you're gonna break it down girl!!

Julianna said...

Have fun in my city. :)

I'd also agree that the Basketball Hall of Fame is very cool, but I don't know how long you'll be here.

Also good is the theatre district, Blue Man is usually at teh Charles Playhouse, and almost any seat at the Opera house is a good one.


♥ joei said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for visiting my blog. Follow each other? :) followed you already. Hope you'll do the same :)

Anyway, you're watching the playoffs?? Wow! My boyfriend will be jealous. Haha!

Have a fun weekend!

Definitely, Maybe

Monica Whitney said...

Totally loving your blog! Now following! Hope you'll follow back!

Ask the Duplex

Pau Villafuerte said...

My guy friends are gona be so jealous of you! Have a happy weekend!

<3 Paulyn

La Feem said...

Nice, hope your man's team wins!

Micaela said...

a girl who loves Basketball is my kind of girl!

though my twinkie roots for the Celtics so i had to be happy for her they managed to pull a win ;)

i on the other hand scream "GO MAVS!" i even named my bichon girl pup "maverick" after my love for the team.

Dirk is my Lebron ;) i have a shirt that says "Tall DIRK and Handsome."

i can't wait for Game 4 today and i SO HOPE we beat the Lakers once again!!!! xoxo


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