Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cropped Crush

Cropped tops. What a perfect way to ring in Fall! And cute cropped sweaters with a bright white button down? You just can't get much better than that! I like, I like!

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Vintage Market Place said...

i am not sure about this new trend, it reminds me of the fashion in Clueless, just a bit more up to date without knee socks and maryjanes without heels, lol

Josie said...

I think it's cute on them, though I couldn't pull it off. Fun way to layer, though!
xo Josie

Dancing Branflake said...

Oh, I wonder if there is a DIY method?

tinajo said...

Oooo - I like it toooo! :-)

Paislea Elyse said...

i love this trend! it's super cute!!!

allister bee blog

la petite coquine said...

I thought the era of the crop top was long over, but these incarnations look so fresh!

Marie said...

Great for layering.:D

***** Marie *****
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Lorena said...

I have a grey suit that looks just like this one.
Now I only need the cropped sweater-


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